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By Alina Timar

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Alina Timar, designer and yoga practitioner.

We asked her how did she get into yoga

"I started practicing yoga two years ago during a turbulent time of my life when I came across ads for some free yoga lessons in the park. Ever since I have been attending weekly classes at a local yoga studio but even when I am not able to attend them, I practice at home by following YouTube videos.

Yoga is something that calms me when my mind is racing and nothing else seems to help. It is a moment of freedom from the daily burdens. It is a vacation of the mind that is easily accessible and always there for me"

Where did you get the inspiration for this particular design?

"I grew up with a lot of flowers and plants around me and I always enjoyed spending time in nature. Plants represent the source of life and vitality. This same lifegiving source can also be reached by practicing yoga and, these designs represent this energy and the synergy of people, plants and nature.

I strive to create art that has a powerful meaning behind it. It is not just about the aesthetics and designs, but also the energetic impact they have on the viewer. It needs to encompass a greater sense of meaning and connection with everything that unites us as human beings. My philosophy of design is based on the necessity of transmitting and transcending the visual senses to reach deep within the unconscious mind."

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